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Why You May Want to Use Only Certified Experts for Dodge Service
Why You May Want to Use Only Certified Experts for Dodge Service

Dodge is one of the top vehicle brands. The company has built a solid reputation by manufacturing quality cars, trucks, and vans. Despite the quality of these automobiles, most owners will eventually need Dodge service. While some owners choose a mechanic based on price alone, there are several reasons why the best idea might be

The Benefits of the Mendeola S4D Sequential Transaxle

The Mendeola S4D transaxle provides extra differential durability for dune buggies and off road cars. The S4D uses the same gear set and transmission design as the baja proven S4 transaxle with the exception of using an 11.5 inch ring gear for dune buggies that have a higher horse power output. The S4D is a

Repairing or Replacing The Thermocouple On Your Gas Heater

The thermocouple acts as a safety device that will shut off the gas going to your heater if the electric igniter becomes faulty or the pilot light will goes out and will not stay lit. To locate the thermocouple on your gas heater you will need to find the pilot light burner assembly. When the

What To Look For When Your Air Conditioner Is No Longer Cooling

When you are having a cooling problem with your cars air conditioner the most likely cause is low refrigerant in the system. This means there is a leak in you’re A/C system and the refrigerant has escaped from a bad O-ring, leaky compressor, faulty hose or a small hole in the condenser or evaporator. The leak will

What Type Of Oil Should I Use In My Car?

Your vehicle manual will specify the type of oil and weight you should be using. In today’s light trucks and passenger cars that have a gasoline engine the oil should meet the American petroleum rating or SH rating. What type of viscosity oil should I be using? In today’s new cars the engine requires a

The Advantage Of Using LED Lights In Your RV or Motorhome
The Advantage Of Using LED Lights In Your RV or Motorhome

If you like to camp out away from it all, not in a campground, then you know the house batteries in your motorhome are one of the most important things you must watch, especially if you are running off a small battery bank. There are ways to save power but one of the most effective

Can I Buy A Scanner To Check My Car’s OBD 2 System?

One of the most common reasons your check engine light comes on is your computer has detected a system vapor leak. In 1996 the federal emission laws were changed and all car manufacturers were required to lightly pressurize the fuel system in order to check for vapor leaks. When you turn you key on to

The Importance of Brake Replacement
The Importance of Brake Replacement

It is important to get brakes inspected at the first sign of trouble. Symptoms of bad brakes include smells, vibrations, abnormal sounds and feelings. This indicates you need new brakes. Don’t wait, replace worn parts immediately. Parts such as pads are the first to wear out , and rotors start to warp, both of these

What Is Fleet Service?

Any company that has a sizable amount of commercial vehicles is probably familiar with the term “fleet service” or “fleet management.”  Fleet management is a very important aspect of the company and could mean the difference between being able to service a customer or not.  It is mandatory that certain companies that have delivery as